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In this Video, Dr. Vivek Bindra has focused on the “Adoption Curve” formula and how the adoption of the same can save a business from getting bankrupt. In this video, Dr. Bindra has focused on solving the following problems of his viewers.

1. How to avoid giving discounts

2. How to Increase sales without giving discounts

3. How to grow your Business during tough competition

4. How to understand the changing environment of the business

5. How to adapt to the changes of of a changing business environment

6. How to manage change in your business

7. How to understand change of your business

8. How to learn change management

9. Understand the disruptive nature of Business

10. Analyze and focus on the changing business environment

11. Understand, manage and Adapt as per the changing business climate

12. Understand the market shift

13. Understand the customer shift in your Business

14. Understand market signals

15. Understanding and listening to your customers

16. Understand the shift in core technology

17. Market Intelligence

18. Business Intelligence

19. How to plan change in product strategy

20. Corporate Case studies on Adoption Curve

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