What is Lohri Festival ?

Lohri is a popular cultural celebration which is held on the 13th of January every year on the eve of winter. It is the festival of Punjab & there is some reason behind the Lohri festival, which is assumed by the people and they have started the Lohri festival.

History Of Lohri

Lohri is considered to have been derived from the word “Loi”, who was the wife of Kabir, the great saint.
While some people believe that it originated from the word “Loh” which is a device used for making chapattis.
In some parts of the state people also believe that the festival’s name originated from the name of the sister of Holika, who survived the fire while Holika herself died.
Besides that, some people also believe that that the word Lohri originated from the word tilorhi which comes from the combination of the words rorhi and til.lohri messages & history

How to celebrate the Lohri

People of India celebrate Lohri with lots of happiness and joy like many other festivals.On Lohri people visit their friends and family and distribute sweets.For farmers, this day marks the beginning of a new financial year.

People celebrate the festival by lighting up bonfire and dancing and singing around the bonfires. While singing and dancing around the fire, people throw popcorns, gur, rewaries, sugar candies and sesame seeds.

On this day, in evening a pooja ceremony is held in every household. This is the time when people get the blessing from the almighty by doing parikrama and offering Pooja.

Motivational Messages For Lohri

  • As the fire of Lohri flourishes, let us hope that all our sorrows end with it. Let the glory of the festival fill our lives with happiness.
  • Spread the message of peace & happiness of lohri all around.
  • In the positive light of happiness, may our life shine with hope. May this year we are showered with glory and success. Happy Lohri
  • May your life be as colorful & joyful as the festival of lohri.
  • Let us kill all the negativities of our lives in the fire of Lohri. Let us hope for brighter happier times with our loved ones.

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