All the parents are worried about Nursery admission guidelines confusion maintained by Authorities.

Latest on 20th Dec, 2014 :DoE puts nursery admissions on hold, to move SC

Amid all this, here are few guidelines and tips which would help parents during the admission process.

Original Documents Required for Verification

  1. Date of birth certificate of the child (original).
  2.  Neighbourhood-proof of residence in the name of parent(voter id/passport/aadhar card/latest paid electricity or MTNL bill/water bill/court-registered at least six month old rental leased deed. Few school may ask for more than one proof)
  3. For transfer cases, proof of transfer to Delhi-transfer order, joining report, stating date of transfer and joining.
  4. In case of sibling applications, the school identity card of the sibling issued by the school for the current session. Fee receipt of sibling (latest).
  5. Alumni-CSBE marks card or pass certificate of parent with school name. Any other documentary proof from the school during the period.
  6. Affidavit in case of single parent, first born child, girl child.
  7. Professional qualification/Post graduation/original degrees/certificate issued by the university.
  8. Legal guardian-legal documentary proof for guardianship (certificate from court or affidavit by guardian).
  9. Proof of occupation to be produced by the parent at the time of admission.
  10. Medical fitness certificate and vaccination card (immunization chart) of the child.
  11. Passport size photograph of the child as well as the parent (few schools may even ask for recent family photo).
  12. Proof of three year stay in Delhi.
  13. Affidavits for inter-community/inter-caste marriage.
  14. Original birth certificate issued by corporation or equivalent authority. Some schools ask for certificate with the Child’s name.
  15. Please note one may need to produce some or all of these above mentioned documents for nursery admission depending on the school.

Guidelines for Admission in formal schools

To fill the admission forms
  • Ensure to apply in at least 5-10 schools.
  • Try to choose schools which are with close to your house.
  • Carry your own stationery kit for filling the forms.
  • You must carry at least 10 passport size photographs of the child and of both the parents.
  • Carry a photo ID in original along with the photocopies.
  • Carry original copy of birth certificate of the child along with photocopies.
  • Read the admission form very carefully and then fill the form.
  • Fill the photocopy of the admission form before filling the original form.
  • Always fill the authentic and the correct data, as you can be cross checked for its authenticity.
  • If in doubt consult others but always write your own answer.
  • Fill the form in your own handwriting with a blue pen.
  • Take the photocopy of the form before submitting.
  • Keep a photocopy of the filled admission form for your future references and also to recall what data has been filled by you if in case the school authorities cross-check.
  • Both the parents should go through the filled admission form.
Points to remember on the day
  • Familiarize your child with the new school before the interview date so that he/she is prepared to the new surroundings.
  • Ensure your child sleeps on time the previous night so that he gets proper sleep and is not cranky.
  • Ensure your child is fed well.
  • Take your own stationery kit.
  • Please adhere to the prescribed school rules.
  • Make him/her wear a comfortable dress and avoid any new clothing.
  • Maintain a composed environment.
  • Please take the day off in case it’s a working day for you as it will make you more patient and relaxed.
  • Don’t adopt any shortcuts as sometimes it goes against your child getting admission in a particular school.
  • Always seek permission before entering the room.
  • Say ‘thank you’ on being offered a seat.
  • Have a straight and a confident body posture.
  • You must be confidence and clear in your speech while answering.
  • Try to have an eye contact with the school authorities while answering.
  • Avoid any kind of argument with the school Authorities.
  • Avoid seeking the spouse’s consent while answering a particular question as it shows lack of confidence and also puts the authenticity of the answer in doubt.
  • Do maintain the decorum while you are there in the reception area.
  • Do not make groups with other parents or discusses about any other school.
  • Do not shout on the child while he is doing some activity try to be calm and polite.
Common questions asked
  • What are your personal aspirations for your child/spouse/yourself?
  • Do you and your family approve of these aspirations and how do you plan to achieve them?
  • How would you rate yourself and your spouse as a Parent?
  • What are your/spouse’s/child’s weaknesses and strength?
  • Do you spend quality time with your family? If yes, What are your favorite activities?
  • If both the parents are working how you manage your time to spend with the child.
  • Who take cares of the child if both the parents are working?
  • How do you spend your weekends with your child?
  • Do you know your spouse’s likes and dislike?
  • What are your working hours? How do plan to give quality time to your child?
  • Do you know your child’s likes and dislikes? (You may be asked on the following topics about your child)
    • Area of interest
    • Aptitude
    • Social and emotional behavior
    • Your role in handling your child’s tempers tantrum/aggression/stubbornness.
  • How do you discipline your child?
  • What are your expectations from school?
  • What according to you is quality education?
  • Do you encourage your child to read books?
  • Do you read story books to your child?
  • Is your child involved in any outdoor activities? If yes, then what?

Courtesy: EuroKids School guidelines shared by one of the parents.

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