It is global phenomenon that students get serious and active only some days before examination. Our mind is somewhere programmed like this. We can fool our mind by taking some examination series on regular basis. Hence we suggest students to take the examination like a real examination with time bound approach.


  1. Take the the examination on daily or weekly basis. Make it time bound like real examination.
  2. Once the time is over, stop writing the paper and evaluate yourself.
  3. Make a chart of marks with date on one axis and marks scored on other axis and put that chart in your study area.
  4. Once done, reiterated the unattempted questions and questions where your lost marks and complete them.

Sample Tracking Chart

[custom_table style=”2″]

Date of Examination Subject Max. Score Score Obtained



  1. Students learning to perform under time bound approach. Many time it is seen that students know some questions but could not answer due to lack of time. But following tips in next section, students would get used-to of delivering in time bound manner.
  2. Understand the examination format. Some topics carry higher weightage than other. But going through these papers, students would start analyzing that what are most important topics to focus upon.
  3. Some standard questions quite repeat in examination. Hence multiple attempt would guarantee that these things are not missed.

Do share your learning and experience while following this approach.

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