List of Self-Educated People in 20th Century

Artists and authors Benjamin Kidd (1858–1916), British sociologist, was not given a formal education.[1] As a working adult, he attended some evening classes and he read incessantly.[2]Kidd gained worldwide fame by the publication of Social Evolution in 1894.[1] Jorge Luis Borges was an Argentine writer, essayist, and poet. Winner of the Jerusalem Prize. Machado de […]

Autodidacticism or Autodidactism or Self-Education or Self-Learning or Self-Teaching

Autodidacticism (also autodidactism) or self-education (also self-learning and self-teaching) is the education without the guidance of masters (such as teachers and professors) or institutions (such as schools). Generally, an autodidact is an individual who chooses the subject they will study, their studying material and the studying rhythm and time. An autodidact may or may not […]

Jim Rohn Self-Education will make you a fortune

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune” – Jim Rohn [energy-video type=”youtube” id=”RVCNoTq3DcY”]   >> Learn More The Secret Behind Super Achievers – Self-Education

The Secret Behind Super Achievers – Self-Education

Self-Education of Leaders History as well as Today’s world is filled with the stories of Super Achievers who irrespective of their background, were able to Achieve that others would consider Almost Impossible. If we closely study the lives of these people, they did not achieve it overnight. There were some events that happened in their […]