Zoom H1 Handy Audio Recorder

As a speaker and trainer, I always wanted to share the content with masses for their benefits. Hence I started recording my videos quite early. People who have tried recording their videos would agree that this simply looking statement is quite cumbersome for beginners. I have made lot of learning during this process. After much […]

Create your Own Videos with Minimal Setup

Youtube as second most searched website after google. You can say that it is a search engine in itself. Videos have become very powerful ways of delivering your marketing material or real content. Different types of Videos Running Presentation with Small Camera One can run their presentation on screen and keep a small camera (preferably […]

DISRUPT HR Conference Talks

In this fast changing environment, conference are also changing faster and adopting new and innovative ways. DISRUPT HR Conference (http://disrupthr.co/) has this interesting format of talks delivered within 5 minutes. This kind of setup require speakers to reinvent their talks/speeches/presentations in a highly agile manner to pass their message to the audience. Here is a […]


List of Speakers [blog posts=”-1″  show_title=”no” categories=”motivational-speaker”] Dynamics and Ever-growing list of Motivational Speakers National Speaker Association Speaker Directory

First Step Towards Professional(Paid) Public Speaking

Many people aspire to take up Public Speaking as their profession. Although various institutions including Toastmasters, prepare people for public speaking but there exists very few institutions who prepare people for Professional Public Speaking. This article would help those people to take up there first steps towards making a successful career in public speaking. For […]

List of Motivational Speaker Bureaus Worldwide

Eminent Speaker Bureaus: National Speakers Bureau – http://nsb.com American Program Bureau: http://apbspeakers.com Global Speakers Bureau: http://gspeakers.com International Association of Speakers Bureaus: http://iasbweb.org Premiere Motivational Speakers Bureau: http://premierespeakers.com   List of Speaker Bureaus in India Post Suitable For:

List of Top Motivational Speakers in India

Here is the most exhaustive and authentic List of Top Motivational Speakers in India. Before sharing the list of motivational speakers, here is some additional useful information for you. As you are searching for best motivational speakers in India, so either You are looking to hire a motivational speaker for your next corporate event, annual […]

List of Motivational Speaker Bureaus in India

Featured Speaker Bureaus: [custom_table style=”1″] The London Speaker Bureau has a global network of offices – run by people who intrinsically understand the individual needs of their local market – and is able to suggest a wide range of people to its clients.  In response to increasing demand from its clients, an enterprise which was […]