Our personalities are molded by a combination of our genes and our unique life experiences. We all are different when it comes to our personalities. If you want to be successful, you need to focus whether you’re on the high or low side of the Negative Thinking.

Where we fall on this sequence is reflected physically in our brains. It’s related to the neurotransmitter serotonin and the activity in areas of our brain sensitive to threat and punishment. It’s a part of our prefrontal cortex located behind our foreheads, and the amygdala,which is a set of structures deeper within our brains.

When our emotions run too high, we can’t think direct and usually not perform well. This is name to as the “amygdala hijack” and happens when your prefrontal cortex is not able to suppress the negative emotions produced by your amygdala.

How To Deal With Negative Thinking

Usually, being high on Negative thoughts puts people in danger of failure when it comes to achieving big goals. This result of having a hard time to handling the stress and feelings of inefficiency and nervousness when things don’t go as planned.

The reality is, the more you fight against your emotions, the stronger they will become. The way is to learn to deal with and accept your negative emotions through brain exercises like regular mindfulness meditation and practicing staying in the present moment throughout your day. Mindfulness meditation, when practiced regularly, can actually build – up, and even develop the thickness of, the prefrontal cortex.

Most people think that being high on Negative Emotions is a bad thing. This is far from the truth. For example, high Negative Emotions is a hallmark of many successful artists and top performers.

Tapping into your negative emotions is often helpful to spark creativity and create works of art. Most successful novelists, screenwriters, and actors capitalize on their high levels of Negative Emotions to help them feel empathy for and create believable characters.

Work hard on empathizing with others.

All successful relationships require that we feel understood. And to be successful, we will necessarily need the help of others. Some times, being naturally low on Negative Emotions can lead to problems with empathy. It may also leave an impression that you’re impartial to the feelings of others. If you rarely experience negative emotions, it can be hard to understand what it feels like for others to have these feelings.

Be sure you don’t underestimate the risks and all the hard work involved in achieving your goals.

You can motivate yourself by thinking of the big payoffs and all the other great things you’ll experience when you achieve your goals. But appreciating the risks and all the hard work involved in achieving these goals may be harder for you. So make sure you really think about the risks involved and what it will really take, day-in-and-day-out to achieve your goals.

But knowledge is power. Knowing where you stand on this personality tendency and what to do about it is important to your success. So embrace who you are and achieve what you were meant to achieve!


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