Emotions & Beliefs are what make our life. We create our reality with our thinking. With clear and focused thought, intentions are created and fulfilled and goals are achievable.Emotionally driven thinking is clouded and based on baggage from the past. Negative Emotions & Beliefs are root cause of all the limitations, stress & dis-ease in our life. A study says 90% of our major actions & decisions are nothing but emotional reactions and most of us have no control over it. Video introduction: ERT – Emotional Releasing Technique that can Change your Life Forever

About Program:
ERT is the collective term referring to group of stress releasing techniques and methods to release suppressed emotions. As every individual is different, so is their reason for stress and level of stress.

  • Three primary categories of stress with techniques to manage them.
  • Experiential program where participants are provided taste of many stress busters. This helps them to experience and choose the best stress buster for themselves. And as they have already experienced it hence they can immediately incorporate these methods in their life style.
  • Highly interactive and fun filled program
  • Video covering one such core technique to release deeply suppressed emotions – Releasing – Powerful Technique to release Emotions – Vikas Jain

Stress Management is first step towards Emotional Intelligence required by Leadership.
 More information about ERT is available at To know more:

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