Event industry is 24X7 running industry. Either your have “MBTI Based P i.e. work at last moment” people in your team. Or you have “MBTI based J i.e. plan in advance” personalities but how much you prepare the things in advance, still something goes wrong at last moment.

For an event requiring “Professional Speaker/Motivational Speaker”, after working with many clients, I would recommend event management team to do the following:

1. Advance Booking: Speakers are booked in advance. Hence if you go out to search for a speaker at last moment, you are less likely to get a good speaker. Hence one should try to book the speaker as you get confirmation from client.

2. Relevance with Audience: Speaker varies a lot in their delivery. It is much more complicated. There are speakers who are mountaineer, athletes, relevant industry experience, energetic etc. Hence it needs a lot of background research.

3. Engage with Speaker Bureaus: Based on your budget, it would be a good option to connect with some speaker bureau to find the option of speakers available.

4. Quick Internet Search May not Work All the Time: Internet search has become first option to find the speaker. In my experience, many speakers has applied not so good techniques to put them on first page of search. Hence a quick Internet search may not lead you to BEST speakers.

5. FB/Youtube: Other benchmark for event management companies is to find speakers credibility by looking at fb/twitter/youtube, but in my experience, I have seen people who are really good at their delivery but yet not started to put the content on social media.

And when people searching for speakers, have not does not search well, they would look out for Fun & Engaging speaker who atleast should not bore the audience.

Hence finding a speaker should be give due priority as it is more then just delivery. With right speaker, you can become part of the Transformation in audience.


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