Rice Stack Avalanche theory in rice

Avalanche theory in Rice

Meaning of Avalanche “a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside”. We can recreate similar effect by dropping one grain at one time on a flat surface. Slowly we would observe that initially it would start taking up some height and then one random grain will disrupt the structure and move the grain down to increase the width of bottom. This same practice will keep repeating itself. Now the disruption which might appears to be negative to some people is actually a positive things to build up the width of the bottom. This would make the structure strong for future growth. Hence a regular avalanche is good for the structure. In case the structure has not seen any avalanche for a long time, it might mean that actually structure is not safe and next avalanche would appear to be more disruptive.

How Avalanche theory helpful in our Life

In the same way, whenever we are building something which could be an organization, project, relationship etc. there would be some events which would appears to be disruptive. But these are actually laying the foundation for future growth.

Consider any example of layoff in organization which create panic in the mind of employees:

From organizational point of view layoff is a regular practice to align the human resources with vision of the organization for short term and long term goals. Hence it can be viewed as positive practice from organizational point of view.

From employees perspective also, it can be an positive event if managed properly

  1. It would motivate people (out of fear) to keep growing their skills so that their profile is strong enough that it can be absorbed by any other organization. In case people get stagnated in a job for a long time, then it appears to be a problem for them as they are not working on upgrading their skills.
  2. Other issue of financial crisis occur as most of us are not good a financial management. This is part of basic financial education to build up a backup of 3-6 month in cash to manage such incidents. This is not just useful in layoffs but also during other crisis (if occurs). With basic financial education, one also build up channels to create passive income.

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