Branding Yourself with Social Media

Brand value of any individual or business, plays very crucial role in its success. Beside core qualities and ethics, there are some other methods which one can use to create the brand.

Suggestion for wanna be Entrepreneurs who are still new to business and does not want to make upfront investment in branding and marketing:

  1. Whatever the scale may be, one should start with most basic option of Facebook Page. Further based on their area of work, they can utilized Twitter, Youtube etc. Facebook page has added advantage that it provides a landing page to showcase your work to your client. You can showcase your work through photographs and posters which can be helpful for your prospective clients.
  2. Next step would be to get a website domain. There is one suggestion to look for .com domain. Reason being that although there are multiple domain extensions available on Internet. But still whatever is the venture name, people tend to assume that website would be <business-name>.com. Based on specific requirements and preferences one may look for other domain also.
  3. In case someone is not yet willing to build the website then they can simply redirect the website domain to Facebook page. This way your business card can have the name of your website and it would be redirected to your Facebook page. Hence one can start building awareness about website name and able to showcase their work to their prospective clients.
  4. If you are interested in website but yet not have clear business idean, the it would not be recommend to appreoach website designers. In such situations one may use Do it Yourself websites building tools like weebly to create custom website through drag and drop options. If you are interested in further professional development and have some respective software background, then it would be recommend to have a Good Website Hosting + WordPress CMS + Paid theme.

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