I was watching a program – “Living on the edge” in DD Bharti. It was a documentary on pollution being caused by various dyeing units in and around Delhi. The industries, blatantly flouting norms and the govt. officials wonderfully certifying them of following all the norms.
It set me thinking. The factory owners are doing this for money. The earnings / profits from these factories help them lead a comfortable life. For the people employed there, the need is on the similar lines, albeit at a more basic level: food, housing, clothing, education of children (if at all affordable).
If one does so to make a living, probably, it is understandable, in the sense, first I live and then I follow norms.To be able to live, I cut short on expenditure and have a net income for myself. But, yes, the industry owners are not really that poor and probably can afford a little hike in expenditure to cause a little less harm to the environment on which they thrive.
But how many of us are segregating waste and bio degradable and non-biodegradable. We all whole heartedly support the ‘Swachchh Bharat’ mission. How many of us have ever taken a broom in our hand and even cleaned inside our house, forget the footpath outside. How many of us care to stop the vehicle before the ‘stop’ line at the traffic signals. How many of us voluntarily, consciously and regularly do not take the shorter wrong side to reach home quickly ? We all respect the martyr. but he should be born in the neighbour’s house!
We all have a thief inside us. It says ‘Me first’. I will condemn those who violate norms, as for me, you see, this saves me some time, some money, some effort… So, its okay 😉
My shoes should be readily available when I am headed out of home. I should not have to take it out of the cabinet. My pen should be by my side. I should not have to lean further into the pen stand to take it. My shirt should not have creases. So it must be freshly ironed or hung afterwords. not stacked. Oh, I want water available anytime I want bath, not only at fixed hours. I would not wake up early for this. But others should be disciplined to wait in queue, keep things in their place, keep the volume of the music system low, park vehicles only in parking lots, follow the rules… But my privileges remain intact.

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