Happiness is a subjective matter, but sometimes you can be really objective when someone asks you “Are you happy” and you know the answer is a big NO. What to do in such a situation when you know you are not happy and you are unable to find any solution to your unhappiness.
It’s really tough to believe in such a scenario that you can function normally, leave apart feeling happy but we need to try for our own good. So, let’s discuss some ways which we can use when we are sailing in the not so happy boat.
First of all, we have to believe in the fact that time keeps changing. If we have problems today or we are unhappy, there will be a time when we will be happy again. With this tone, let’s try to get that time sooner than later.
Think of some really happy moments in your life, moments which you cherish no matter how small they are. Keep them etched in your memory and leave no room for negative thoughts. Whenever those gloomy thoughts come near you, start repeating those good thoughts. Sometimes, for distraction from sad thoughts, chanting also helps. You can chant “OM” or “Om Namah Shivay” continuously for keeping you away from those thoughts till they go away.
Start practicing some hobby. Drawing, painting, listening music, if travel is possible then travel to places, watching happy movies.
You can maintain a diary and write your thoughts in it. Pour everything which is in your heart, it might make you feel lighter.
Happiness is a state of mind, but we know it is easier said than done. Try to smile, even if that smile is fake for some time, you might actually feel like smiling. Think as if all your problems are gone foe a while and smile on them, may be these small bouts of positivity sway your problems away and you are actually happy.
All these things doesn’t mean that you run away from situations and problems, but all that is needed is to deal with a more positive frame of mind, rather than being bogged down by them.

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