About Pankaj Asija in his own Words

Hi, I am Pankaj Asija.

Few years back got in profession of P.D.training really did not know where I was going but today when I hear people saying “He is a real man who has changed my life”“Sir, you are really energy bomb” “My life has been full of happiness listening to you” it Motivates me to do more for people.

I am an amiable person and love to guide & train.I do bring positive changes in the lives of people through my training and motivation sessions. I love giving career counseling and life counseling.

I don’t use those words or examples what don’t influence people. My hobby is to know about people’s life and feel their life so that I can create something new to make them more Happy & Energetic.

I do believe“Examples are better than perception” & work on same synopsis. I believe in that spiritual power and vibes present in air and human if call it(Spiritual Power) God, so I do have faith in God that’s my full time job.Somewhere it is written “Work is worship” that’s what I am doing my part time job.  My work is to motivate, Inspire & to train always keeps me always in high spirits. I have designed my training sessions for School, College and corporate.  My each training session has motivation.



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