Plant  your own garden,

You are your life’s only warden.

Dig deep inside the mud,

By planting your own wisdom’s bud.

Lets chop off all the weeds from your mind,

Which makes the ornamental forms languishing its behind.

Prune all the extended hindrance,

To glorify its beauty with utter brilliance.

Lets lift and pitch the dried remains,

Cultivate purpose and not let it be a bane.

Lets water our exquisite vision,

With each droplet it will begin to glisten.

Arrange some bushes around its edge,

To protect our dreams in the form of hedge.

Lets tend the pots filled with alluring flowers,

Just inch towards your goal and don’t count hours.

Fill the awaiting basket with picked blossoms,

Like overwhelming merits falling in the autumn.


Written by Mr. Tausif Mundrawala (

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