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Professor PS Rathore , Honoured  in the House of Commons London(British Parliament) as the best International Management guru is the best-selling author of Discover the power within, “Strategic Management – Ways to be Aligned with Values and Vision of the Company”, a TV host, Strategist, Leadership expert and Firewalk Trainer.

Mr. PS Rathore is, Keynote speaker as well as an educator, Business consultant and an  Entrepreneur in India. PS Rathore  is a qualified ICAI,  Distinguished Fellow  of Cost and Management Accountants and a Professor of Strategy for students appearing in the exam of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, an  apex accounting body. He is also Co-Director of Rathore Institute of Commerce. Mr Rathore is a Trustee of Rediscover Educational Foundation.

PS Rathore  is the author of The Strategic Management – ways to be Aligned with Values and Vision of the Company. The Best Business Book since 2008 to till date for students appearing for ICAI Exam. This was first book by PS Rathore. His  second book came in 2010. “Discover The Power Within” – Realize Your Highest Potential, and was launched at the Frankfurt Book fair Germany. This self half management book has been translated into many languages such Spanish , Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi etc.
He authored his third book  “Business Ethics& Communication” in 2012 for crating insight for ethical leadership. He take assignment as corporate strategist for aligning values of the company with their vision and mission.

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