Rajesh Aggarwal is known as Motivational Speaker & Personal Development Coach. His YouTube videos have 40 lac plus viewership worldwide. People from 125 countries has subscribed his channel. Business Today magazine has referred him as “Dr. Destiny” in 2001 December issue. Rajesh is working in the field of personal development since 1994. Every year, he is invited by many institutions & organizations to share his ideas & insight. In his keynote address or in the workshop, Rajesh emphasis on How to become a success story in your own field. He believes that – ” Success is nothing but an identity by which you are known. It doesn’t matter whether you are a personality or a product. The million dollar question is what people say about you.” According to Rajesh, before skill, it is the will. If one is packed with focus, passion & great LOVE toward his/her work then Excellence will run after you. Rajesh’s methodology is based on real life incidences, extensive reading, listening/interacting with people & his own life career journey, as a courier pick up the teenager to Sr. Manager, Director, Trainer & finally, Entrepreneur, Author, and Coach. He has written two books & authored one audio CD. At present, he lives in New Delhi with his family. His vision for an individual or an organization – ” Before departing from this planet, leave a story for people to read”.

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