The Secret of Successful People – Motivational Video

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The meaning of success is unique to each and every person. There’s successful people who work on wall street and make lots of money. There’s successfull people who live in small remote villages who fish all day long and they are living their dreams. Most people don’t know what their definition of success is. That’s why they have so much uncertainity.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, you have to devote an entire day to just sit down and think “What do I really want out of life?”. And I mean seriously and realistically listing what you want. You have to meet people who are doing what you want to be doing and ask them what is it like. There’s a million questions to ask yourself. The most important question is “What would life be like if I didn’t have this dream come true?”. What would life be like if you didn’t get that really big comic book collection. Do you need to move to another city or even another country to achieve your goals? Sometimes it matters a lot. Do you need to quit you job to ultimately be happy?  As you search for the meaning of success watch the above motivational video.

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