HP India On Diwali #GoLocal

Inspirational video by HP India on Diwali. This video inspire people to buy Diya from local street vendors and hence #GoLocal.

HP India original Diwali Video #GoLocal Facebook

In case facebook video takes long time to load, you can play the original facebook video through this link.

HP India original Diwali Video #GoLocal Twitter

Diwali #GoLocal YouTube Video

[energy-video type=”youtube” id=”IS4XPjX65Bo”]

MotivationalGyan – i.e. Inspirational Learning from this

  1. These videos are of the type “Social Media Viral Content“. For example within few days of release, this video has already touched million views on Facebook itself. Same video is getting forwarded on WhatsApp which is not even tracked. In this type of content based marketing, brand showcase a subtle way to position their brand. In case video, HP has shown “Kid using HP Printer” to print the document.
  2. Another learning from this video is that kid is able to market these “Diyas” by “going extra mile” which other street vendors were not doing. As a business owner/entrepreneur/marketing head, we should also strive to use effective and innovative strategies to reach out to more people to grow our business and communicate with our target audience

Do share your insights and learning from this video and we would be glad to share those insights with other with your name mentioned.


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