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Varun Pruthi is one of the amazingly talented actors and dancers in Bollywood. Varun his acting course from Hollywood California. He devoted 4 years in intensive training for acting. Varun is also a trained dancer in Bollywood. Some of his dance forms include, Hip Hop, Robotic, Waving, Popping-Locking, and Bollywood.

You may have seen him often in commercials, music videos, and short films. Here are a few words straight from Varun; “I started from the rock bottom and I have the passion for humanity and acting, I am giving every single thing I got to bring the awareness, change, and humanity back. If you are with us, please show your support by joining our efforts. Thank you so much for your support. God Bless!”

Wasn’t that sweet? This young man is putting all the efforts he could through his skills, talent, and hard work to bring unity in the country. He is running an initiative, named, BHB – Bring Humanity Back. He comes up with amazing inspirational videos to change the mindset of people.

During Diwali, Varun shared 1000 rupee notes to about 50 poor people that increased his happiness (Watch Video Here). The tears and reaction captured by those people melted many hearts and also raised a few controversies. The question is – who doesn’t raise controversies behind the successful people in this world?

In one of his videos, he highlighted a statement; “Can Money Buy Happiness?” No doubt it is an interesting question to ask, and Varun answered it beautifully by saying; “If you are in tears then yes, money can buy happiness. We waste our lives on things we think will buy happiness until we realize the only way to buy happiness is to give happiness.”

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Website :- https://www.BringingHumanityBack.com/

Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/ActorVarun/

You tube Channel :- https://www.youtube.com/user/ActorVarun

Twitter :- https://twitter.com/actorvarun?lang=en

Viral Indian Diary :- http://www.viralindiandiary.com/varun-pruthi-bring-humanity-back/


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