•  Man cannot be satisfied by wealth.
  •  Wealth may come and go, misfortunes may pile mountains high, but if you have kept the ideal entire, nothing can kill you.
  •  Believe in yourselves, and if you want material wealth, work it out; it will come to you.
  •  Enjoyment, misery, luxury, wealth, power, and poverty, even life itself, are all evanescent.
  •  This craving for health, wealth, long life, and the like – the so-called good – is nothing but an illusion.
  •  Have all that you want, and more, only know the truth and realize it. Wealth does not belong to anybody.
  •  Wealth goes, beauty vanishes, life flies, powers fly – but the Lord abideth for ever, love abideth forever.
  •  A man must not say he is poor, or that he is wealthy – he must not brag of his wealth. Let him keep his own counsel; this is his religious duty.
  •  This eternal sacrifice of the self unto the Beloved Lord is higher by far than all wealth and power, than even all soaring thoughts of renown and enjoyment.
  •  Men are ever running after wives and wealth and fame in this world; sometimes they are hit very hard on the head, and then find out what this world really is. No one in this world can really love anything but God.
  •  Men are more valuable than all the wealth of the world.
  •  The test of progress is the amount of renunciation that one has attained. Where you find the attraction for lust and wealth considerably diminished, to whatever creed he may belong, know that his inner spirit is awakening.


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