During a recent conversation, it was asked whether it is better to be right or prefer happiness of people around you (especially when these two are in conflict)..

As per my view, it is better to be APPROPRIATE at that moment. It is a mix of being right and also taking care of happiness for people around us. During some situation it is important to stick to RIGHTEOUSNESS even if it cause unhappiness. For example, during vaccination of new-born, kids cries a lot. But it is importance to be RIGHT in that situation. Hence APPROPRIATE method is to continue with vaccination.

In other situation, we might need to dilute and forgo the RIGHTEOUSNESS for sake of happiness of closed ones. For example during a fight between couple, if they start making comparison with IDEAL & RIGHT BEHAVIOR, it may lead to further fight. But in that situation, they may choose to consider HAPPINESS in that very moment. Having said that, it would be APPROPRIATE to discuss RIGHT whenever APPROPRIATE time and environment is their. Also method to convey the RIGHT behavior may need some creative approach hence we need to choose APPROPRIATE method also.

Hence I would always look for WHAT is APPROPRIATE.. 🙂

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