Knowledge sharing is a very higher cause and most people find it appropriate to do it. Their might be additional expectations in addition to knowledge sharing like selling, building contacts etc.

In today’s digital environment, digital content like ebooks and videos are playing key role for content sharing. Here we would discuss eBook specifically.

I have been selling my ebooks since 2014. I used different platforms but finally used (you can use this referral link to get free gift) due to ease of use. Also it offers multiple options based on our requirement.

Some of those preferred benefits are mentioned below:

  1. Ease of use: Platform is very easy to configure and use
  2. Upload eBooks: It offers option to upload the ebook hence no headache of storing the book somewhere else
  3. Email Signing: It also gives option to put the email-id of buyer at the end of PDF automatically.
  4. Discount Codes: You can create as many discount codes as you want on single ebook. Also it would show usage of discount codes for later analysis.
  5. FREE eBook: You can keep the discount price same as selling price which effectively make it FREE for download. Also it would take up the contact information like name, e-mail and phone number of the individual. Hence you can build your contact list effectively.
  6. Affiliate: You can also use to have affiliate marketing option and define affiliate benefits.

Here is the link to my eBook:

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