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Motivation for Software Engineer

Software Engineering is a profession with vast scope in Industry. But most of the software engineers are unaware of the vast scope in absence of right guidance. This is quite visible in this video. [energy-video type=”youtube” id=”WU47SggeCGo”] Please share your queries as comments which would further be answered and added in the post:   This […]
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AapkaVikas – Focus on your Development

About Aapka Vikas (Your Development) Excessive focus on money-making combined with marketing has taken out the real meaning of “mission” statement of any organization. Through Adhyan initiative “AapkaVikas (“, we would be sharing information which would have sole purpose of your development and growth. We have already take up some initiative in that direction such […]
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Trisect – IT Job Training – Pay after Placement

Trisect is IT job training institute which is quite innovative. With only minimal registration fees paid initially one can enroll for the program and pay remained fees only after getting the placement. Enroll Now: Offline Regular Batch Offline Weekend Batch Offline Sunday Only Batch More information
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Career in Software/IT Tutorials (Hindi) by Vikas Jain

Career in Software/IT Tutorials (Hindi) – Free & Complete Youtube Tutorials by Vikas Jain Vikas Jain – Author, Keynote & Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur Vikas Jain is rated among the top Motivational Speakers and Keynote Speakers in India and abroad. He has delivered programs for various corporations including Fortune 500 companies like Yamaha, Intel etc. He has crafted and delivered customized […]
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Which Computer Programming Language is Best for me?

कंप्यूटर स्टूडेंट्स ज्यादातर यही पूछते है कि कौनसी programming language  पढ़े। कौन सी programming language उन्हें कैरियर में ज्यादा मदद देगी। हालाँकि इन सवालों का कोई एक उत्तर नहीं हो सकता पर फिर भी यह वीडियो इस सवाल का एक अच्छा जवाब माना जा सकता है। Answer following Queries: Should I study C, C++ or […]
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Computer Programming Questions Level wise

Most students and even professional want to learn programming but struck at some level or other. Here we have provided programming questions from very easy to difficult level. These are conceptual questions and would be applicable for any computer programming language. Here they have been coded using C but any programming language can be used. […]
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Tips To Find Software Job In Delhi

Looking for a Software Job in Delhi Key things to keep in mind while searching for Jobs: These jobs are Not Found on Google Search Found through Contacts, Forums and LinkedIn More information is available :  Strategy to find desired Job – Job Search Tips For LinkedIn Search: Login to your LinkedIn Account Search for […]
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Strategy to find desired Job | Job Search Tips

Job Search – Perceived and True Situation Many people are looking for desired jobs but not able to find it. After some initial effort they get the impression that: There is the recession in Industry There are so many candidates but very few jobs It is only a matter of luck to get the job […]
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