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Job Search – Perceived and True Situation

Many people are looking for desired jobs but not able to find it. After some initial effort they get the impression that:

  1. There is the recession in Industry
  2. There are so many candidates but very few jobs
  3. It is only a matter of luck to get the job (and basically they are not lucky enough)
  4. One can get job only if they are from Top College or having some Jack in the company
  5. Foresters always get to hear that they are openings for experienced people but no opening for fresher and many such reasons.

But Truth is

  1. Companies are always looking for Suitable candidates. (yes Suitable is very critical keyword and one need to understand it better)
  2. Suitable candidates are rare to find. Hence it take around 5-6 months of rigorous search and selection process to fill a position.
  3. Companies are not able to expand their operations as they could not find Suitable person for the job.

Although it would be difficult to define a suitable candidate in few words, because company selection process with multiple rounds is in itself a way to filter Suitable candidate out of others.

Some key characteristics which would be common for criteria of Suitable person. These would be 3 C’s

  1. A Capable and self-learning person who can start delivering the work on respective job roles within 1-2 months after recruitment.
  2. A person with good Communication Skills. Here communication skill is different from capability to speak in English. Because requirement to speak in English may vary based upon the Company Segment, Job Profile and Industry. But ability to speak clearly and ability to understand the requirements of job profiles is must have requirement across all industries and job profile. As per saying “common sense is not so common“, in the same way most people especially fresh out of college students are lacking in this regard.
  3. A person with high Commitment level towards work. There is no single way of confirming this criteria. Hence companies adopt different strategy to achieve the same. For example, a B.Tech. (CS/IT) who is not able to answer a simple nested loop question clearly showcase that student’s commitment level is not as per requirement. In the same manner, if a candidate not able to approach 10 people to find a suitable reference for a job clearly indicates poor commitment level. For a Sales job, if someone is not getting dressed properly or not taking it seriously will again question their commitment level.

This is an ongoing process to become a better Suitable person.

Below mentioned are Strategy to find desired Job. These are Job Search Tips with 100% results.

Although many people would crib about not finding many companies in their domain but truth is that they always approach the low hanging fruits. Which means opportunities that are available (or appears to be available) with least effort. For example, a off-campus drive by a well-known multi national company. Now this information would be available on newspaper, forums, groups etc. So these opportunities appears to be available but there would be thousand of candidate for few jobs.

On the other hand a simple company search on LinkedIn would show 500+ companies in domain that you are looking for. But you need to have a strategy to approach those companies. This is a cyclic process with continuous improvements required:

1. Prepare yourself for the possible interview/selection process. On Internet you would easily get 100+ site explaining the interview process for the company/Industry that you are looking for. But candidates does not take this seriously. For example, most companies have first round as written test which includes quantitative aptitude questions as one part. But candidate does not prepare these well in time. Hence most of the them are rejected in first round itself. This is due to Lack of Commitment and Preparation.

2. Approach those companies in a systematic manner. Just remember, success result of your effort would be less that 10%. Hence not more that one person would respond to your email when you send 10 email. After 10 interview you would be able to clear your first interview. This is just to keep you motivated as you need to give multiple attempts to get desired results. If we are searching for X profile in Y industry. Then we should prepare a list of companies offering that profile.

3. Next step is to Network with people who are working in same Industry. Usually we are in hurry that we want to put effort today and get immediate results i.e. today itself. Even with all social networking sites, till now most of quality recruitment happen through references. Hence create references by networking with people, groups, forums etc.

4. Focus should be more on performing the desired role. Hence one can even join a startup, NGO or any other social organization. These entities may not give you money initially but experience gained there can work as your value for future.

One can also join skill development programs and workshops as offered by different organizations around your location.

We would be updating the article for more information so do subscribe to our mailing list. We are looking forward for comments from your side.

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