Today I am trying to understand what really am I feeling. In the morning had a wonderful chat with one of my geographically long distanced cousin brother. Felt liFB_ad_for_ERTght. Felt good. Nostalgic – not really. Am very much in present. Actually have been in a bit light mood since yesterday, when another geographically not so long distant cousin of mine formed a whatsApp group of family members. Enjoying the jokes cracked every now and then. All relations are suddenly coming alive, getting real.
Now again, all this light feeling is to a certain extent stimulated by the external factors. Jokes on whatsApp, chat with cousin, discussing bottled fresh air from Canada… It lifted my mood. I am smiling and writing. But wait, I have known about the bottled Canadian air for some time now and about my cousins too for quite some time. For the jokes, some were new. So probably it was not just the jokes or bottled air. It was coming together of people who care to share good times,¬†even if it is jokes. The fact that there are people laughing or smiling at the same time for the same reason as you and all acknowledge the same.
However, this again is and external reason. This implies that is external environment is supportive, my mood should always be uplifted.
Recently in TV programme, Saurav Ganguly was questioned about his struggles in life. His prompt reply was,”So what, there is struggle in everybody’s life. There is nobody who gets a 100 on 100 like from everybody. Whenever you are not liked, there are challenges and you have to overcome.” He further said that it was not the sportsman life that gave him maximum stress. The older you grow, more responsibilities, to do’s, more stress.” By the way, he likes sweets and chocolates to alleviate stress ! I thought his favourite food was Biriyani !
Whatever, we are still hovering around the impact of external environment on our emotions, moods. But I have a sneaking in feeling that there is something more. Else how come at times one can feel alone in a crowd of known and cheering faces ? Got to think…

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