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Hi Friends,

Please watch the video wherein a child is stealing a bag( which had money n jewellery) during engagement ceremony of my sister on 4th December 2014 at Symphony August Hue at Peeragarhi, New Delhi.

Please note the man in yellow n brown jacket who is covering the face of the ladies and letting the boy go unnoticed. This man went out of the man gate.

This child was arrested on 6th December 2014 while stealing some other bag. Still Delhi police is not taking any action against the gang.

We have asked the banquet to provide the video of the man in jacket but were told that they do not have that cctv footage. They did not give any other earlier footage of the hall wherein the child seem to be following the signs of sweeper of the banquet ( we saw that clip on 4th december) but the same was not handed over to us. Police is also not questioning that man.

We strongly feel that the gang is associated with the employees’ of the banquet. But Police is not questioning the manager and the other staff of the banquet.
P.S. This case falls in Miyanwali police station

We need your help in this… Plz share if u can

Source: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153470883349045


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