Santosh Nair is one of India’s best Trainer and Motivational Speaker with specialization in Sales Training. If there is a speaker in India of world repute who can hold the audience to their seats for hours and hours together without they even getting up, it is none other than T.I.G.E.R. SANTOSH NAIR. The reason why he ticks is his tremendous command over the languages. His command over our national language Hindi is the best that any speaker could have, at the same time the sophistication with which he delivers his talk in English is also commendable. He enthralls an elite crowd with the same flair, classiness and style as a common man’s forum. He has the rare ability to bring romance, passion and fun in all his sessions, be it in any language – Hindi, English or Malayalam. His power of communication is such, that his words just touch the mind through the heart.

He is the biggest inspirational speaker in the training industry today and is solely responsible for bringing fire, passion, excitement, enthusiasm, love, affection, madness and ruthlessness in his talks to all his participants. His trainings have brought the spark and set the participants, organizations and Industry on fire. He is thus rightly nicknamed as “Nair on Fire”.Santosh’s expertise lies in Selling, Leadership and Entrepreneurial coaching.

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smmart -Entrepreneur Solutions Provider

smmart is the brainchild of Mr. Santosh Nair, incepted on 10th February 2000 as a Corporate Training company, along with Mrs Sindhu Nair as co-founder .

smmart is in the business of providing solutions to Entrepreneur across all evolution phases of their business growth cycle . This is accomplished via providing Education , Training, Coaching, Mentoring ,Motivational speeches and related merchandise.

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