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Observing Vijay as a workshop leader one can easily see why he is so successful. He whips his participants into an evangelic frenzy of conversion. “ If you will learn you will earn, but if you blame you will become lame”. He says, “Treat every challenge that you face as a puzzle not a problem.” He believes in the Matsushita philosophy that “any experience that does not kill me makes me stronger.”

In the past eight years, he has been extensively involved in conducting workshops with various companies in India. Vijay is a down to earth motivator, gave up a high profile career in America, came back to India in 1997, as he wanted to make a difference and be a part of the India growth story. He has become very successful in conducting seminars for different corporations, he is also known for making his workshops custom made for different companies.

Specialties: Motivational Speaker, Business & Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Public Speaking, Motivational Speaking, Youth Empowerment, Faculty Development, Guest Lectures, Executive Coaching, India & Japan Centric Leadership, India Centric Workshops & Seminars.

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