Learnings from PK Movie

  1. It is not religion but the Belief that plays a crucial role in our Life. Hence what we Believe in, stays in our life. When Anushka believed in a saint’s statement, she reacted accordingly which in turn set her path that could have been entirely different if she would not have believed in his statement.
  2. As depicted in Movie itself, Religion is a very sensitive topic and hence even though the movie tries to play neutral at times but primarily Hindu Saints are focused. Hence either one should avoid Sensitive topics or Otherwise be fully Neutral.
  3. Child like questions about Bhagwan, Statue etc are quite interesting for which usually most people have no answers.
  4. Issues raised by PK movie are common to all Religion. But it has been widely seen that Bollywood focus more on Hindu Saints and Religion whether it is PK or Oh My God.
  5. While showing flaw in any Religion, they should also show the positive side of that Religion (or any other Ideal Religion). These movies, does promote people to Not to Follow the Ritual but rarely give positive side of those Rituals i.e Why they exist.

Also the basic question to be answered is “Is Dharma same as Religion?”

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