A news to Motivate people about Energy Saving.

A day after the Nobel Prize in physics was won by the scientists who invented blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs), the power ministry Wednesday launched a business model enabling the sale of LED bulbs to households at Rs.10 against the market price of Rs.400.

Light Emitting Diode (LED ) are emerging as the most energy-efficient source of lighting, with a LED bulb using 1/10th as much energy as a normal incandescent bulb and half as much energy as a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) to produce the same amount of light. However, the major challenge has been its high cost. The first LED lamp made in India, in 2010 was sold for Rs.1200.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under the Ministry of Power initiated a systematic process to exploit the energy saving potential of LEDs, and to bring them into large scale use as soon as possible. BEE together with EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited, a joint venture of 4 power sector central PSUs) have worked with electricity distribution companies to develop a business model under which EESL procures LED bulbs in bulk and sells them to households at Rs.10 instead of the market price of Rs.400. The electricity distribution companies then repays EESL, over a period of 5 to 8 years from the savings that accrue due to use of this energy efficient lighting technology. EESL has already completed a number of projects to retrofit existing streetlights to energy efficient LED streetlights as well as a 7.5 lakh LED bulb replacement project for households in Pudhuchery. This resulted in reduction of cost of LED bulbs from Rs.400/- to Rs.310/- inclusive of warranty.

Source: http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=110348

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