One of the essential thing for Achievement is to set up a target and work towards it. But sometime it is observed that our variation in target is so high that it lead us to confusion, dilemma, Lack of Motivational and in-action.

Take the example of students preparing for examination. It might so happen that they want to secure 100% but they may also doubt themselves of even getting failed in examination. Hence variation in target is very high. Ideally it should be

– I am sure that I would score passing marks
– I am sure that I would score more than 60%.
– I am sure that I would score more than 80% etc.

But wanting to score more than 80% and also doubt on even clearing the examination by getting passing marks can lead to lot of confusion and inaction.

For this scenario, we can utilize this Bottom up Approach to Success.

In this approach,

1) Find the score from bottom for which he/she is Damn-Sure. That means come-what-may, score would not go below that point. Initially this may be even 20%.
2) From now on, every day, try to pull this score up by 5% by preparing the topics which can yield more score with less effort. With little bit of inspection and exploration, one can find the areas which can yield the required results. In case of students, they can take self-tests before examination. This would provide them an idea of silly mistakes or topics which need little bit more effort to ascertain marks.
3) Try avoiding those silly mistakes and focus on topics which can yield more marks with less effort.

Benefits that we can expect from this approach:
1) This turbulence of anxiety should go down.
2) One should feel confident most of the time, as our focus is more on the marks which we are confident of.
3) We would be more practical and assuming our marks. Also our effort would be more streamlined.

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